Burning Babylon

Track List

1. Dub Tropic
(listen here)
2. Into Twilight
3. Creation I
4. Fire in the East
5. Dirt Weed
(listen here)
6. Beneath the Valley
(listen here)
7. Sativa
(listen here)
8. Dance a Yard
9. Rootical I-ration
(listen here)
10. Hammer & Irons
11. Dub Positive
12. Ashes of Babylon
13. Mash up the Dub
(listen here)
14. Earth and Stone

Although Burning Babylon’s « Garden Of Dub » follows up the albums « Knives To The Treble » (2004) and « Stereo Mash Up » (2005), it’s actually the debut set from 2001, which according to the liner notes is ‘the long lost bredren and esteemed predecessor’ of the aforementioned albums.

Slade Anderson, actually the man who created the one man Dub Reggae project Burning Babylon, recorded « Garden Of Dub » at his makeshift studio « The SoundShack », a spare bedroom in his apartment in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts USA. At that time he didn’t have a record label to release his music, so he made 50 copies on CD-R and gave most of those away to local radio stations, friends and anyone else who asked for a copy. Since 2003 he’s officially releasing his music through Mars Recordings, and thus « Garden Of Dub » can finally see the light of day.

« Garden Of Dub », an album with a consciously created theme/concept in mind, features some serious new style dub outings, which unmistakable have links to the Jamaican roots of dub and its originators. From beginning to end the listener is taken on a truly hallucinating trip through imaginative soundscapes with plenty of echo and soundeffects, with the drum and the bass as the driving force. Personal favorites are the beautiful « Into Twilight » with its jazzy horn parts and angelic vocals flowing in and out of the mix, « Dance A Yard », the awesome bass driven « Rootical I-ration », « Ashes Of Babylon » and the wicked « Earth And Stone ».

All in all a nice dub album, worthwhile checking out!

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